Accounting and economic consultancy

Accounting consultancy is applied on the basis of good knowledge of accounting, resulting from the audit profession. Similarly, economic consultancy is linked to evaluation and also the financial audit. In this area, we offer qualified expertise for the needs of business analysis, due diligence, grant program projects, but also for credit needs. Last but not least we offer revitalization analysis and insolvency management of undertakings or businesses facing liquidation or dissolution without liquidation of the transformations (mergers, divisions, transfers of assets to a partner, or change of legal form). We are also ready to provide qualified training in areas of consolidation according to IAS / IFRS and other topics related to economic and financial consulting.

What procedures do we follow in accounting and financial advisory?

The basic principle is a systematic approach to solve problems. Therefore, we have introduced a standardized guidance in those steps:

  1. collection of data and information
  2. strategic analysis
  3. financial analysis
  4. putting together a solution along with the financial plan

Based on such conducted analysis of the problem we are able to give you a sufficiently adequate care and advise of a good householder.