What do we understand under measurement?

Valuation is expressing an expert's opinion on the reasonably expected value of the case. It is important to respect the principle of an independent determination of objectivized value on the basis of sufficient expertise and knowledge of the market.

Valuation is the expression of opinion on the value of a certain matter, in our case mostly businesses, that are conducted by a knowledgeable and independent professional. We offer a qualified approach to determine the material or the usual common market price based on the rate of return, asset evaluation, or by using a comparative method based on a comparison with a comparable body, or a combination of method of evaluation (in other words a combination of several methods, most often property and yield evaluation methods), as necessary for managerial decision-making, or on the basis of legislative requirements.


  • Analysis of assets (property evaluation)
    • historical features -> Basic Access:
      • equity evaluation - as a balance:
      • Equity (VK)
      • Liqudation value (LH)
      • Substantial value (SH)
  • Revenue analysis (revenue method)
    • we get the final value as partially evaluated assets - sum of liabilities = VK (equity)
      • method of discounted cash flow (DCF)
      • method capitalized net revenues (FCFF)
      • combined (adjusted) income method
  • Market analysis (market method)
    • evaluation based on market capitalization
    • evaluation based on comparable companies
    • evaluation based on comparable transactions
    • evaluation based on companies placed on the stock exchange